Actor is a C++11 actor model implementation featuring lightweight & fast actor implementations, pattern matching for messages, network transparent messaging, and more. by Dominik Charousset
A C++ library which lets you schedule an ordered dependency graph of file input/output operations to be executed asynchronously to the maximum capacity of your hardware. If you want to do portable asynchronous file i/o in C++, especially if you need to easily order issues of reads and writes, this is the correct library to be looking at. by Niall
Boost.Application provides a application environment, or start point to any people that want a basic infrastructure to build an system application on Windows or Unix Variants (e.g. Linux, MacOS). by Renato Forti
A C++11 library for asynchronous and parallel programming. Provides Active Objects, Threadpools, and a whole range of parallel algorithms. by Christophe Henry
Automatic Differentiation C++ Library by matt
Beast offers implementations of the HTTP and WebSocket protocols using Boost.Asio. by vinniefalco
Block Pointer
Deterministic region-based memory manager. by philippeb8
A C++11/14/17 header-only library for the inspection, synthesis, and decomposition of callable types. by badair
A GPU/parallel-computing library by Kyle Lutz
A collection of open-source libraries for high level network programming. by deanberris
A C++ macro header-only library which chooses between Boost or C++ standard library implementations using the same code. by Edward Diener
Dynamic Array Allocator - C++ header file only library by Richard Hogaboom
DI – Dependency Injection
Your C++14 header only Dependency Injection library with no dependencies by Kris
devector and batch_deque containers. Small buffer optimization, unsafe methods geared towards performance, policy based customizations. by erenon
Dynamic Library Load (Boost.DLL)
Library for comfortable work with DLL and DSO. by Anthony Polukhin
boost.fiber provides a framework for micro-/userland-threads (fibers) scheduled cooperativly. by Oliver Kowalke
Fit is an header-only C++11 library that provides utilities for functions and function objects. by Paul Fultz II
Boost.Hana is a library for heterogeneous computation both at compile-time and at runtime. by Louis Dionne
Fast multi-dimensional histogram with convenient interface for C++ and Python. by hdembinski
This library can be used to create applications that need to expose services through HTTP (e.g. embeddable ReST services). by Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira
JSON for Modern C++
What if JSON was part of Modern C++? by nlohmann
A library for expressive template metaprogramming in C++14 by Bruno Dutra
Metaparse is parser generator library for template metaprograms. The purpose of this library is to support the creation of parsers that parse at compile time. This library is inteded to be used for embedded domain specific language creation for C++. by Ábel Sinkovics
Boost.Mixin is a library that allows the composition and modifications of polymorphic types at run time. Types and objects are constructed out of building blocks called mixins enabling an effect similar to multiple inheritance, while allowing the client code to remain oblivious to the actual composition of the objects. by ibob
A mock object library by Mathieu Champlon
Opaque Typedefs
Customizable copies of types, not just type aliases. by kmarkley86
Provides very lightweight monadic expected, outcome, result and option by Niall
OvenToBoost is extensions for Boost.Range 2.0 which reinforces range adaptors and any other utilities. by Kohei Takahashi
PFR – POD Flat Reflection
std::tuple like methods for user defined POD types without any macro or boilerplate code by Anthony Polukhin
Fast containers of polymorphic objects by Joaquin M Lopez Munoz
Process is a library to manage system processes. by Klemens Morgenstern
Range I/O
Simpler I/O for containers and ranges. by Mark Gibbs
Reduce is a header only library that provides fold expressions for arbitrary callables. by Nick Athanasiou
Safe Numerics
Safe replacements for C++ integer types. by Robert Ramey
A sequence container with efficient random access insert and erase. by det
This library provides model classes for multiple Discrete-Event Simulation formalisms and the tools to simulate those models. by dvicino
SML (State Machine Language)
Your scalable C++14 header only eUML-like meta state machine library with no dependencies by Kris
STL Extensions
STL containers based on advanced data structures by Vadim Stadnik
Strict Variant
`strict_variant` is a safe and performant discriminated union container, in the style of boost::variant, designed for the C++11 standard. It is strongly exception-safe and never-empty like `boost::variant`, and unlike the C++17 `std::variant`. But it achieves that using a different strategy from `boost::variant`, and in some scenarios, it is just as efficient as `std::variant`. In some applications it may be more convenient to use `strict_variant`. by beckct
Trait introspection and concept creator for C++11. by Paul Fultz II
A library of advanced macros which rely on variadic macro support and enhance the functionality of Boost PP by Edward Diener