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  • windoze says:

    Some questions.
    1. Is there any way I can read request headers w/o reading body? This could be useful when handling large requests such as file uploading.
    2. I haven't found any chunk related functions, which is useful when you don't know the size of data need to be transferred.

    • 1. The socket will buffer the message as the message arrives. You provide the buffer and can control the maximum buffer size. async_read_request will "signalize" as soon as the headers are received, then you can handle requests elegantly. Even 100-continue is supported. This is a modern API (but still missing HTTP/2.0).

      2. The message you receive are all treated on the same API, which supports chunking. The message you write can be delivered like a transaction, without using chunking, using async_write_response, or can be delivered using chunking, using async_write_response_metadata + async_write + async_write_trailers + async_write_end_of_message. You can check if chunking is supported using write_response_native_stream.