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  • Egorich says:

    When are you going to review this library?

  • EvgeniyZh says:

    Any progress with review/new library version?

    • BorisSchaeling says:

      According to the library is still in the review queue. As it has been sitting there for more than two years, I agreed on having it removed from the queue (see The library should still be considered supported (if there are any issues found they should be submitted to GitHub – see But there is no active development at the moment.

    • Klemens Morgenstern says:

      There's a new version (0.6) which is a complete overhaul of the interface and adds a lot of new features. It will probably be reviewed at the beginning of November this year.

  • bowlofstew says:

    Probably worth updated the copyright date now.

  • Robert Ramey says:

    Here is Boris's talk about this library at Boost Con a couple of years ago