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  • Edward Diener says:

    I would like to remove my library from BLI since it is part of Boost. This allows me to remove the corresponding github project, which is out of date. How do I remove the library from BLI ?

    • Robert Ramey says:


      I can remove your library and I will do this if you want. But before I do this I'd like you to consider leaving the project in the incubator. The status has been updated to deployed / maintained. I don't know if I have an accepted into boost selection but I'm sure I can add one. We can easily redirect the links, documentation, repository etc. to point to the new locations. So the Incubator page will be another portal through which your library will be discovered.

      But there's another big reason I would like to keep the page. It's good example of how to make Boost Library and get it accepted. It serves as model for those attempting to reach the levels that you have. I think its inspirational and that other developers need all the inspiration they can get while slaving away trying to make their submission good enough.

      I also would like these pages to serve as sort a history of the development of boost. Future library submitters can refer to the information here. Imagine the utility of this to someone who has the idea of making his own macro processor. In one place he can see your efforts along others which might be related.

      So please think about this and let me know if you still want me to erase the page.

      Robert Ramey

      • Edward Diener says:

        How do I change any of the fields in my VMD description ? If I try to type into any of the fields I am not allowed to do so even though I am logged in.

        • Robert Ramey says:

          when you are logged in with the author name, there should be a button labeled "Edit" above the "Reviews" button. Pressing this button should alter the mode of the form – especially the links – to permit you to edit them. Then submit the form – I believe with the "Update" button.

          • Edward Diener says:

            Thanks for the help. I was able to change all the links to the Boost VMD repository on Github, and the documentation to the 1.61 docs for VMD. So leaving the library in BLI is fine since I have achieved my goal of being able to remove the old version in my own personal Github account.

            I would say to you that you should add a BLI web interface that allows a library author to remove his library from BLI if he so wishes.

  • Robert Ramey says:


    Steven Watanabe, the review manager for Boost VMD has announced that the VMD library submitted by Edward Diener is ACCEPTED into Boost.

    This is the second library submitted to the incubator which as been accepted into boost. Good Job Edward.