Boost Compute Accepted into Boost !!

One of the first libraries added to the the Boost Library Incubator has been accepted as an official Boost Library.

Congratulations are in order to the author Kyle Lutz

Compute was one of the first libraries submitted to the Boost Library Incubator and one of the first to get a review on this site. As usual for Boost reviews it was quite extensive and detailed. Although the other reviews were posted on the Boost Developer’s list I have to believe that the visibility provided by this site provided some help in getting Boost Compute a reviewer and priorty in the very long Boost Review queue. The reviews were as usual very informative. I hope that in the future we can make this site good enough to appeal to future reviewers so that this wealth of information becomes a part of the accumulated information describing the library. This would be to the benefit of the library users and and the author.

Again, congratulations to Kyle on a job well done!

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