Code Delivery

Library submissions will consist of a group of files of source code, documentation, examples, tests and perhaps others. This code can be delivered one or more ways:

Zip and/or TAR balls

These file formats have been the traditional manner to deliver a group of files. One or both of these methods must be supported by the system. At a minimum, libraries should be available in at least one of these formats.

Code Repositories

Code repositories such as GIT and SVN have now become almost universal. They now are convenient to use and provide an alternative way to permit users to get source code on to their system and keep it updated. Though not required to be included on this website, we recommend it.


Reviews are essential to library deployment.

When searching the web for code libraries, dozens or in some cases hundreds of candidate libraries will be found. Even after eliminating those that don't meet basic requirements of license, documentation, tests, etc, there will likely remain a large number of candidates to evaluate. This evaluation can take considerable time. User will typically read reviews for the different candidate libraries and pick the one with the least negative feedback for a more thorough personal evaluation.

Boost libraries are subjected to a more formal and rigorous review process. Participants in this process submit their reviews to a review manager in a short time frame - one or two weeks. This works well. But while the short time frame focuses the disicussion, not everyone can allocate the time required in the particular review period. So we require a system whereby reviewers can submit their reviews in advance of the official review period. If the library gets submitted and reviewed by Boost, the review manager will have a head start on reviews. It also helps library authors to get feedback before the formal review process.

Issue Tracking

All libraries will have issues. These may be bugs, confusion in the documentation, portability problems, missing features or something else. A system is required to report, comment on, and somehow resolve these issues.

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