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  • dvicino says:

    In the directory structure, the Jamroot.jam is shown to be inside the build folder.
    I’m a newbie in, but if I understood right, that file needs to be in the root folder to be read when recursing back the directory structure to prevent the following error: “Did not find Jamfile.jam or Jamroot.jam in any parent directory.”

    • Robert Ramey says:

      The “boost way” is to specify libs//build/Jamfile.v2

      This works when one is building all of boost while starting at the top of the boost directory structure. It also works when building/testing one particular library from within the library directory itself. It’s very clever this way. In fact, it is the very cleverness which makes it so confusing. For more information on this subject see Simple Tools/Bjam. There are some links there to more information regarding Bjam. I especially recommend the links to “high score”. Note that I’ve been working with Boost Build for over 10 years and I don’t feel that I understand it.

      • dvicino says:

        I checked that documentation and it says that Jam will recurse directories up until find the Jamroot.
        I checked other projects in the Incubator using bjam for building (Application and Compute) and they both include the Jamroot file in the repository root in place of the build directory.
        I saw others use Jamfile.v2 in place Jamfile.jam and Jamroot as suggested in this page.